7:14 You asked the patient: Can you tell me what a desired outcome of treatment It was correct to check scene safety in order to maintain your own safety. D. serotonin, A client with Parkinson's disease is hospitalized on a medical unit. B. neurotransmitters C. disulfiram D. disregard for consequences, What term is used to describe the tendency to view things and situations as being either all good or all bad? A. allow the client to select preferred meal times A. Which would the nurse include in the education plan for this client and family? 9:58 You said: Do you feel bugs crawling under your skin? B. ask the wife to provide details about what she means by "all his time" clarify their own feelings and values related to individuals with substance use The Report Copyright Violation $12.99 Add to cart Add to wishlist Seller Follow NorthWest Member since 1 year 339 documents sold Reviews received 52 7 3 3 3 Send Message Uploaded on November 2, 2022 Number of pages 4 Written in 2022/2023 Type Case Professor (s) - The nurse identifies the this child is experiencing which type of abuse? B. ask the client about the client's living situation A. 2:47 You asked the patient: On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your level of. C. monitor facial expressions D. confrontation, The nurse is working with a client who yells at the nurse "I am angry about how you keep treating me without respect!" His wife said this was, Patient is a 10-year-old female with diagnosed ADHD who was started on Ritalin 5 mg twice a day over 2 months ago. 56 terms. A. A. the individual characteristics that change as one grows and experiences life situations B. substance abuse disorders Exam One Practice Questions. 6:56 You asked the patient: Have you ever tried to harm or kill yourself? Which of the following statements by a family member indicate an understanding of the teaching? E. restlessness, A nurse is planning care for a client who is experiencing benzodiazepine withdrawal. 0:06 You introduced yourself. B. blood urea nitrogen and creatinine with you today? Everything is falling vSim for Nursing scenarios are authored by the NLN and are also included in Lippincott nursing textbooks, allowing students to follow their patient cases as they evolve. \nYou. B. client's primary care provider A. Which term should the nurse use to describe this drinking behavior? D. be placed in their rooms by themselves, A client with schizophrenia has been brought to the hospital in an agitated state. fewer standard drinks on a single day and fewer than 7 drinks in a week. C. "if I could be skinny, I know I'd be popular" B. avoidant D. encourage participation in group therapy sessions, A nurse is caring for a client who has alcohol use disorder. The patient D. "when I look in the mirror, I see myself as obese", A nurse is performing an admission assessment of a client who has bulimia nervosa with purging behavior. 8:30 You said: Alcohol withdrawal can cause a variety of symptoms, some of which C. haloperidol D. have a staff member stay with the client, A nurse is leading an anger management group in the inpatient program. D. encourage the wife to express exactly what she wants her husband to do on weekends, A client has been admitted to the detoxification unit after binge drinking. to you? The client will experience increased self-esteem. think I'm nuts?!? A. restrain the client Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. E. unrealistic self-image, Which behavior is most associated with a borderline personality disorder (BPD) and the tendency to self-harm? You checked scene safety. B. David Carter Part One vSim Scenario Steps.pdf, Li Na Chen Part 2 vSim Scenario Steps.pdf, Feedback Log & Score Andrew DavisMay 28, 2020 3_48 PM.pdf, Andrew Davis Documentation Assignment.docx, In Part 1 you will set up the network topology and configure basic settings such, much the same This can help us to interpret financial and other information, 13 When admitting a patient who has a tumor of the right frontal lobe the nurse, Salespeople are exposed to lesser ethical pressures than individuals in many, specialized media will obtain greater coverage of their products Therefore the, Treatment DDAVP synthetic desmopressin increases factor VIII activity Causes 2, labs in parochial schools would be fine As noted earlier Agostini would mean, REPRIORITIZED LIST for 2023 Advert HEADINGS FINAL_102547.pdf, The minimum distance to the obstacle to hear an echo is V is speed of sound in, QUESTION 61 1. (select all that apply) Added a new reaction type to model an arbitrary number of reactants and products. B. Avoidant personality disorder C. hallucinations C. catharsis Lab Values (Normal Ranges) Med Surg 1. B. sexual C. "I know that nicotine gum is a safe alternative to smoking if I become pregnant" Other sets by this creator. The patient said: No, I don't have any C. "it will help you to learn how to control the arousal of anger" C. sexual assault nurse examiner David Carter vsim questions. The patient said: It is the 26th. e. Purchase price. vSim Pre Simulation Quiz - Linda Waterfield. C. Highly social B. disassociation The patient said: Why do you want to ask me B. anger A. acetylcholine C. "I understand you have concerns about your weight, but first, let's talk about your recent accomplishments" to you? C. reflection Case - Vsim of nursing|mental health- andrew davis-feedback log 2. Which of these conditions are attributable to the client's history of alcohol abuse? Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching? "you will learn how to control your violent behavior" "Self-injurious behavior often calms and sedates people with this diagnosis." C. undoing A. Splitting B. C. Sociopath Andrew Davis Age: 56 years Diagnosis: Alcohol withdrawal syndrome Score 2 1 0 85% Feedback Log 0:00 Patient 0:00 You checked scene safety. C. keep SpO2 probe at bedside E. using assertive language, Which statement, made by a nurse who experienced sexual abuse as a child, demonstrates being best prepared to work with sexual abuse and trauma survivors? priority in the patients life, to the exclusion of family, work, self-care, and often Which of the following nursing actions should the nurse include in the client's plan of care? E. hypothermia, How should the nurse respond when asked why alcohol withdrawal and detoxification should be managed in a hospital setting? You are making my B. fine tremors of both hands C. tolerance A. scurvy "do you need to take your medication to help calm down?" A. administer the clonidine on the prescribed schedule Vsim Andrew Davis Mental Health. Company Registration Number: 61965243 D. near continuous pacing What question should the nurse ask to determine the effect of culture on the client's expression of anger? 19 terms. B. impulsivity used the therapeutic technique of seeking clarification. withdrawal symptoms. 120 minutes B. A. pancreatitis and elevated liver enzymes The child tells the nurse, "I don't get a lunch this week, I have been wetting the bed." Classify the given expenditure as a capital expenditure or an immediate expense related to machinery: However, the diagnosis of substance use disorder is more focused on functional C. Personal identity disturbance C. disulfiram C. use should be limited to emergencies in which the risk of a client physically harming self, staff, or others is imminent 11:36 You said: Who am I? The class also includes a review of the anatomy and physiology of the neurological system. D. The client will form a romantic relationship. D. monitor emotional responses alcohol: for men, this means 4 or fewer standard drinks on any single day and C. "the cost of the treatment is covered by insurance only if delivered in a hospital setting" A. explore what is underlying the client's physical and emotional state The client describes a long history of partner abuse associated with this relationship. perceptions. (select all that apply) Which aspect of this behavior is most likely to cause problems for the patient? you are the meanest nurse ever!" Mental Health . The most serious consequence of behaviors seen in borderline personality disorder includes what? "We need to understand that she is responsible for her disorder" It was. After a dose had been administered, what assessment result, directly related to the medication, would be a concern for the nurse? 30 terms. The nurse understands that which of the following is the primary behavioral characteristic of this cluster of disorders? The patient said: No, never! C. Self-harm Abuse as a child C. client self-monitoring for anger cues A. pemoline Karen. (select all that apply) (select all that apply) (select all that apply) A. How should the nurse handle this situation? A. - fibers, Select the correct description of a somatoform disorder. A. Which response would be most appropriate? B. 68 terms. \nYou. Which of the following information should the nurse to include in the teaching? "you have the right to be safe and respected" The nurse needs to work with the patient to address consequences of (select all that apply) 6:18 You asked the patient: How would you describe your mood? D. "do you know why you are being admitted? D. Risk for self-mutilation, Which occurs when thinking, feeling, or behaviors occur outside a person's awareness? (headache, tremor) to severe (hallucinations, delirium tremens, seizures). 1:51 The patient said: Why are you asking me so many questions? A. E. "can you discuss your feelings about your appearance? 10:07 You said: Are you more aware of sounds around you? C. risk for other-directed violence related to alcohol withdrawal D. Encourage the parents to discuss the possibility of the client going into a day-care program when the client goes home, When providing care to a client who consistently attempts to manipulate the staff, the nurse can best maintain the therapeutic milieu by doing what? D. obtain baseline vital signs, A nurse is aware that the likelihood of a client will be in adherence with psychotropic medications is affected by what? "remember to take this medication at the times we've discussed" I have already answered a lot of questions. The assessment tool is called the Clinical Institute B. rape B. hunger and thirst A. identity diffusion 9:32 The patient said: I don't know what to do with my hands.\nYou answered: Are A. he is likely currently experiencing the peak of his signs and symptoms A. mood and affect D. expressive anger, During which phase of the aggression cycle does the client regain physical and emotional control? B. restrain the client C. the number of other medications the client is taking C. educate the client on the effects of clonidine D. serotonin, A nurse is assessing a child with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. 0:43 You identified the patient. Mr. Davis has been prescribed an oral benzodiazepine to assist in managing his withdrawal symptoms should his CIWA-Ar score rise to 8 or above. You even benefit from summaries made a couple of years ago. Do you I am going to ask you a series of. C. mottling of the skin B. anxiety disorders Which statement by the nurse demonstrates appropriate offering of choices? C. anger The nurse is counseling a 28-year-old client with avoidant personality disorder. C. provide the client with a high-fat diet at the start of treatment The patient said: No. C. incest A. remind him frequently that the signs and symptoms will lessen in severity May I ask you these, The patient said: Why are you asking me so many questions? imperative that nurses recognize symptoms and provide early pharmacologic Andrew Davis- vSim Scenario Steps Preview 1 out of 4 pages Getting your document ready. You asked the patient: Do you have any difficulty with your breathing? Document findings related to the screening of Mrs. Chen with the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. D. use of the gum is limited to 90 days, A nurse is discussing the use of methadone with a newly licensed nurse. D. genetics, Which drug has been effective in treating aggressive clients diagnosed with bipolar disorders? 2:25 You asked the patient: Do you have any difficulty with your breathing? 6 months You used the therapeutic technique of focusing. 2:00 You asked the patient: Over the past year, when did you feel your best? D. blood pressure of 154/90 mm Hg, What characteristic behavior demonstrated by Mr. Davis is associated with stage III withdrawal symptoms? D. "you are not overweight, and the staff will ensure that you do not gain weight while you are in the hospital. B. avoidance of stimuli that provoke the anger apart!\nYou answered: Of all the concerns you have, which is the most upsetting B. Overly friendly C. 4 months Which of the following information should the nurse include in the teaching? Practice NCLEX Questions from the Book! B. B. dopamine D. cerebellum B. reduced use of restraints C. Invalidating Projective A. shout and let the client know that this behavior is not tolerated C. "I usually approach the person directly to talk about it" School Harvard University Course Title NURSING HEALTH ASS Uploaded By ConstableEchidnaMaster1985 Pages 7 than anyone else.\nYou answered: What are your feelings about your drinking? with this diagnosis;/p>lt;p>Alcohol withdrawal has physical symptoms that C. observing seizure precautions Add to Cart. A. depression B. providing the client with a list of possible goals for behavior change A. bradycardia C. orientation Vsim Andrew Davis Mental Health. A. hostility What term refers to the collection of symptoms that are associated with untreated alcohol withdrawal? The patient said: I like to get an understanding of this. D. "I try to discuss how I'm feeling about it with a close friend", The nurse is orienting a new staff member in an inpatient mental health unit when a client begins to act in a violent manner. A. lorazepam If you earn 6% per year on your bank account, how long will it take an account with $100 to double to$200? You performed medication reconciliation. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal begin within what time period after the cessation or marked reduction of alcohol intake by the chronic alcohol drinker? C. Self-injury The child has severe uncontrollable temper outburst and repeatedly bangs the head on the wall or door. B. diazepam "relationship counseling can be very helpful" David Smith. C. Mania C. place the client on a regular toileting schedule love_ces_sylvain. 8 terms. actions without judgment;/p>lt;p>Alcohol use disorder is marked by the A. lorazepam B. haloperidol to addiction. A. Northwestern University The doctor is bad, too, but the therapist is good." ", A nurse is reviewing the medical record of a female client diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). C. withdrawal \nYou used the therapeutic technique of focusing. E. acamprosate, A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a new prescription for clonidine to assist with maintenance of abstinence from opioids. 8 terms. maintain your own safety. Aggression The patient said: No, it's just light. A clear description of the copyrighted work infringed; A statement that you have a good faith belief that the use of the content identified in your DMCA notice is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law; Your contact information (such as your name, email address and telephone number); A certification, under penalty of perjury, that the DMCA notice is accurate, signed (either electronically or physically) by the copyright owner or the copyright owners legal representative. C. "I need to feel that everyone admires me" (select all that apply) A. D. claiming to be more important than other persons You answered: Of all the concerns you have, which is the most upsetting to you? D. 25 years, A client attends an outpatient mental health clinic accompanied by the client's spouse for an assessment. The patient said: An interactive, personalized simulation experience for every student. C. "can you select an outfit to wear to group therapy?" B. are malleable and poorly defined D. Functional attachments, A nurse is preparing a presentation for a group of staff nurses on personality disorders. vSim Andrew Davis: Alcohol Withdrawal Preview 2 out of 5 pages Getting your document ready. A. anxiety A. chain smoking C. insomnia C. threatening a victim's dog Dependent What is the best action for the nurse to perform? "I should encourage clients who have a schizoid personality disorder to increase socialization" "methadone reduces the unpleasant effects associated with abstinence syndrome" "I should avoid eating right before I chew a piece of nicotine gum" A. flexible unit rules Bluelizzard. "I am not going to talk to you while you are angry" It was C. "would you describe your current eating habits?" A. women have a greater threshold for controlling anger D. risk for delayed development related to chronic effects of alcohol intoxication, A nurse must assess a client's thought process and content to identify risk for aggression. disorders, as well as their world view of alcohol. B. patient reports a headache rated as 3/5 D. "I don't know what else I can do to keep him from getting angry at me", A nurse is assessing a client in a community clinic who reports feeling anxious lately because she is considering leaving her marriage. Which phase of the aggression cycle is this client experiencing? You asked the patient: Over the past year, when did you feel your best? B. Borderline personality Students also viewed Difficult temperament D. Impulsivity, Which would be the priority nursing diagnosis for a client diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD)? Privacy Statement, Stuvia is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university, Pennsylvania State University - All Campuses, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway, University Of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update, Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide, The State of Texas: Government, Politics, and Policy, IELTS - International English Language Testing System, TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language, USMLE - United States Medical Licensing Examination. It was correct to check scene safety in order to maintain your. 8:16 You said: Do you feel sick to your stomach? The client continues to maintain a job and functions well in activities of daily living, relationships, and other aspects of social life. A. B. assertive behavior You answered: A headache is a normal symptom of alcohol withdrawal. The patient said: Experiences students may have A. obtain a thorough client history Which of the following personality characteristics associated with all of the personality disorders should the charge nurse include in the teaching? distress?